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  • AIDA DRESS $178.00

    A mini dress with a mono strap neckline and two flared long sleeves.

    Pleated details on the neckline and dress ends.

    Designed and made in Nigeria.

    Fabric type – 100% crepe

    Fabric texture – Smooth and slightly stretchy

    Production time – 3-5working days


  • ALICE SET $491.00

    The Alice set consist of a black and white stripe cashmere blouse with asymmetrical flare ends. The blouse has a high neck with long poet sleeves. The skirt is made with tulle fabric giving ‘Lolita’. It comes with a belt made with the same black striped material used for the top. This set is designed for modern women who love vintage.

    Fabric type- Skirt (Tulle)
    Top (Cashmere)
    Fabric Texture – Smooth and Non stretchy

    Made in Nigeria 

    Production time: 10-14 working days

  • AMA BLAZER SET $323.00

    The Ama Blazer Set consists of a blazer and a bum short. The blazer has chantily infused on the sleeves and waist area with shoulder pads, long sleeves, a hook on the waist and a V-necked collar that exposes the cleavage. The bum short has a zipper at the back.

    Fabric Type – 100% Crepe

    Fabric Texture – Slightly Stretchy.

    Production time : 5-10 working days.

    Made in Nigeria.

  • AMBER DRESS $263.00

    The Amber Dress is a maxi dress that is slitted and flowy. It has pretty openings on both sides of the waist designed with a ring placed in front of the waist. It also has a Queen Anne neckline and pleats on straps sleeve.

    Fabric Type: 100% Crepe

    Fabric Texture: Smooth and slightly stretchy

    Made in Nigeria.

    Production time: 5-7 working days.

  • AMORE DRESS $430.00

    The Amore Dress is a two coloured mermaid dress with no sleeves and a heart shape cut out on the chest and knee area, covered with mesh. It is designed with love using bright colours that brings out the beauty in every woman.

    Fabric Type – 100% Crepe

    Fabric Texture –

    Made in Nigeria

    Production time 5-7 working days.


  • ANDREA SET $179.00

    Top has a unique angled collar. Sleeve is slightly flared with a slit. Paired with our Signature pant. Designed for Strong and Bold women.

    Fabric type- 100% Crepe

    Texture- Smooth and Slightly stretchy

    Production time- 3-5working days 

    In stock

  • ASTER SET $323.00

    The Aster Set consists of a wide leg pant and a long sleeved top that has a peplum and flair on the sleeves. It is stoned to give a more dashing look. This set is designed for women who want to look simple and elegant. 

    Designed in Nigeria.

    Fabric type – 100% Crepe

    Fabric texture – Smooth and Stretchy 

    Production time – 3-7 working days.

  • ATHENA SET $311.00

    A nude set perfect for the office and corporate events. Designed for BOSSES.

    Designed and made in Nigeria.

    Fabric texture- Soft and 60% stretchy

    Production time – 5 -7 working days


  • AUDREY SET $358.00

    The Audrey Set consist of our signature pant and a one shoulder (padded) top. The top has a skew neck with a slit at the front. The top is designed with pearls running from the neck, to the sleeves, round the bottom, from the slit at the center front to the under bust. The top has a zipper placed at the back. 

    Fabric Type – Duchess Silk

    Fabric Texture – Slightly stretchy.

    Production time : 7-12 working days.

    Made in Nigeria

  • AURORA DRESS $765.00

    AURORA DRESS is an off shoulder corset dress with an exaggerated draped structure that engulfs the upper bodice. Corset is fully detailed with beads with a fitted mermaid shaped buttom. The corset is laced and the skirt has zipper.

    Fabric Type: Crepe

    Fabric Texture: Soft, non stretchy

    Production Time: 10-15 working days

  • CASSIE DRESS $454.00

    The Cassie dress is a bust padded, mini, ball dress made with tulle fabric with ivory shimmers. The dress has straps as sleeves with structured bows places on the shoulder. Designed to be worn on vacation, to prom, weddings, birthdays and other classy outings.

    Made in Nigeria.

    Fabric Type: Tulle with Ivory Shimmer

    Production time: 14 working days

  • CHLOE DRESS $400.00

    The CHLOE dress is a mermaid dress with crafted roses made with cotton fabric placed on the bust. The straps are designed with bold pearls.

    Fabric Type: 100% Crepe & 100% cotton

    Fabric Texture: Smooth and slightly stretchy

    Made in Nigeria.

    Production time – 7-9 working days 

  • CLAIR TOP $90.00

    The Clair top is a long sleeve top with turtle neck, layered peplum around the armhole, bow belt around the neck and bishop sleeves. It can be paired with pants or skirts.

    Fabric Type – Organza

    Fabric Texture – Non stretchy 

    Production Time – 3 to 5 working days.

    Made in Nigeria. 

  • DAISY TOP $90.00

    The Daisy Top is a skew neck top with a zipper at the back. It has slightly flared long sleeves with a diamond shaped patch on one sleeve. It was designed for bold women with class. The Daisy top can be paired with wide or straight leg pants. It can also be paired with different styles of skirts. 

    Fabric Type – 100% Crepe

    Fabric Texture – Smooth and Slightly stretchy.

    Production time: 3-5 working days.

    Made in Nigeria.

  • DAPHNE SET $299.00

    The Daphne Set is a pant set that consists of  wide leg pant and a shoulder padded top that has long sleeves and asymmetric peplum flair. 

    Made in Nigeria 

    Fabric Type: 100% Crepe

    Fabric Texture: Smooth 

    Production time – 3 to 5 working days 

  • DORA JUMPSUIT $251.00

    The DORA Jumpsuit is a wide leg jumpsuit with a stoned band and stoned bows on the sleeves. It can also be worn as an off shoulder.

    Fabric Type : 100%
    Texture : Soft and Stretchy

    Production time : 3-5working days


    In stock

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